Casualties of War
We need to understand the operations of America and everything that we encounter over our lifetime. The world is at war. Always has been. There is never a time when war is not being waged somewhere on the globe. Watch TV news with clarity, you’ll not only hear the BIG headlines but the shorter reports of what’s happening overseas, in another continent, etc…

There is failed leadership everywhere. From foreign dictators to in the USA, so-called leaders have come up very short in producing progress for its citizens. These leaders we put so much trust in have completely failed America. In the 21-Century, we should never have men and women engaged in hand to hand combat. With our resources and intellectual capital, leaders should never be sending Americans, knowingly to their death.

Yes, they know that when war is waged there will be casualties. Once our commander in chief decides to send troops to do battle they also must prepare body bags. They can calculate the number of soldiers who’ll not return, based on where they positioned the soldiers on the battlefield. These trusted and devoted warriors and patriots for the flag or called Casualties of War.

OK, now let’s relate that to what we see happen on battlegrounds/streets across this country, especially in urban hoods. Again, our leadership, past and present have failed miserably when it comes to ensuring that they’re not sending innocent young folks off to war. I mean war-stricken communities filled with poverty, homelessness, failed educational institutions, poor healthcare treatment (because the healthcare system is dope), high unemployment, incarceration of the innocent, etc..

The War on Poverty has been waged by so-called leaders for decades and still no victory in sight. Unbelievable. What do they continue to express election year after election year: “We will defeat POVERTY. There will be policies that (I) will fight for once I’m elected. Please give me your vote, I’ll eradicate poverty.” That proclamation has been recited going back to the 1600s! Now here we are in the 2000s and the screams are identical as they were coming from racist aristocrats who were trying to erect wealth-building mechanisms for generations to follow. Therefore, they had to have a hook to their song: “Blah, Blah, Blah… We’ll Defeat POVERTY! Vote For (ME).”

Hundreds of years later, the Casualties of War that we’re experiencing were no different than hundreds of years ago. They knew that poverty breeds dysfunction and dysfunctions lead to chaos, mayhem, and soon, violence and death within the dysfunctional groups. It’s like a leaky roof: If you ignore it for too long, the damage that the water creates will be dreadful. It can even cause the roof to collapse, which can also be deadly for all who live there, and who mainly were not responsible for the repairs. But that doesn’t matter, they were casualties of an irresponsible and failed homeowner.

As I stated, America is in a major war with itself, therefore, its citizens are also at war with one another. As America fights to find its direction, the people are searching for their own salvation. What does America do when it’s challenged, it fights America. I.E.: Trump and others. So when the common man and woman find themselves near the ledge, who’re they gonna blame for their near-death daily experiences, the person closest to them. Unfortunately, these people will become Casualties of War! Why? Because our so-called leaders failed to keep them off the battlefield of starvation or near the ledge.

I know that tragedies and unwanted pain and occurrences hurt–and it brings sorrow and discomfort. But everyone lives to die. I expressed before that I see death differently than most people. Ever since I found my 17-year-old brother’s cold body in our family home, over 25 years, I have an openly realistic view of how and why people die–even if unexpectedly. My little brother died of an overdose and what his death did for me was to ignite a fire under me to live exactly as I’m living today. Ronnie Christopher West was a Casualty of War. But his untimely death gave me a meaning to my immediate life.

My family failed my little brother. This I know. But I was gonna make sure that I didn’t fail his lust to be GREAT. Ron, because of neglect, chose a different path in his pursuit of GREATNESS. I blame so many people for his death, but one night, he came to me in spirit and explained how important it was for me to use his death to move my life forward. I then understood why he died. As much as I hated him not being present, his short life became clear to me. My point is that when you suffer the loss of loved ones, even horribly and unexpectedly, it should be what the family will do with their lives to honor their fallen soldiers.

Let’s consider every tragic loss as Casualties of War in order for families to find solutions to the many problems that they face. And we know that families are entrenched in problematic issues that cause them to dismantle and become chaotic. Families and communities have failed internally and externally. Our leaders have failed to give guidance and active solutions to poverty and dysfunction. In the end, the village and the government are responsible for so, so many Casualties of War. And as we can see from violence within our communities that the battlefield of destruction continues! Until the next edition….. I Write to Differ…

Seek the Truth, Know the Truth, Speak the Truth!


I have functioned as a Business and Media Consultant over the past sixteen years and spent many years developing my capacity to function in our ever evolving use of technology, communication, education and training.