Joe Merrills founded Feed – A – Friend (FFP) to get the attention of parents in his neighborhood. With the support of volunteers, businesses, and community organizations. Mr. Merrills has hosted FFP in over 20 neighborhoods. Mr. Merrills hosted a “Community Block Party” in 2004 in which food was used to bring families togerther. Every day he had watched his community change due to gang violence, and drugs. As this distruction was formulated he knew something had to be done. He also formed collaborations with National Block Club University (NBCU) and Kids Off The Blocks, Inc. (KOB) to further his mission of feeding the youth ages 1-13 years old in every neighborhood. It’s a wonderful thing he’s doing for the community. If one person can help at least one child at a time it may change the way some of our children view the world. In my opinion a lot of children lack morals and values they need to be productive and not destructive, Not to say that the parents are not trying they are but the streets are trying even harder. Sad to say.

Mr. Merrills can be contacted by phone at 773-225-4259 to help support this cause thru, donations and time, I would like to add that Mr. Merrills is supplying food and time to try to help the children of “our” communties and he visits one zipcode 2x a week and on Sundays he also has a Father and Son’s softball game where water and snacks are needed. These supplies are provided with Mr. Merrills own money. Children 1-13 eat free Over 13 donations are requested. I’m asking please help support this cause, Once I found out what this young man is doing I felt the need to help in a way that I can thru donations.


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