May 18, 2020


Dear Neighbor,
We’ve got more exercises to stretch your muscles and then stretch your mind for a focus on whole-person wellness. We want you to have fun, so turn on your favorite high-energy music, find a sturdy chair, and let’s get started.

Movement Moment
Repeat this series of exercise a total of three times, and make modifications as needed.
1. March in place for two minutes or walk back and forth across your home for two minutes.
2. Sit to stands. Perform 10… or 15 for an extra challenge! Feet should be shoulder width apart. Knees should be aligned above the ankles. If needed, you may push off the arms of a chair. See the visual below.

3. Perform 20 leg extensions (each leg). Sit up tall and extend the leg from the knee joint. Control the movement as you extend and then flex.

4. Perform 20 leg curls (each leg). Stand behind a VERY STURDY chair or countertop. Squeeze your knees together and raise your right heel toward your bottom. Knees must stay together to properly engage the hamstring. Don’t bend at the waist; stay standing tall and upright.

5. Perform 30 standing side leg raises (each leg). Stand behind a VERY STURDY chair or countertop. If not comfortable performing, skip this exercise. Raise one leg out to the side in a controlled fashion and then return to center. Keep toes pointed forward throughout the movement.

Mindfulness Moment
Gratitude check-in. Write down three things you are grateful for today.

Brain Game
It’s time to play against a clock again. Set a timer for two minutes and on a sheet of paper list out as many of the 50 states you can recall. This game often challenges us more than we think it will!
Want an extra challenge? Set a timer for five minutes and see if you can list them alphabetically. Good luck!
Question of the Week
What is your favorite food? Why? Could you eat it daily?

You can download a PDF with all of the above exercises, plus two additional days’ of similar activities, by clicking here.
Stay well,

Eilleen Gabriel-Galán


I have functioned as a Business and Media Consultant over the past sixteen years and spent many years developing my capacity to function in our ever evolving use of technology, communication, education and training.