Written by Marla Thompson

Jackson Park Assisted LivingOn December 7, 2013, a woman died in her senior citizen apartment at the Jackson Park Assisted Living facility located on 75th just east of Stony Island. She had been dead for three days when a tenant knocked on her door and did not get a response, so went down to the management office and told them that her friend did not respond. In response to the inquiring tenants complaint, staff entered the apartment and found the senior dead.  Now I tell you what kind of senior citizen assisted living facility does not check up on their tenants.  This lady was a senior with a documented heart problem, diabetes, high blood pressure, and was a surviving surgical patient, who had been transferred in to the Jackson Park Assisted Living facility from a nursing home a year ago.  Yet staff did not know that she had passed away for 3 days.  Jackson Park Assisted Living3Apparently the facility does not do daily well being checks on their tenants.  I feel as though someone should have known that something was wrong, because she was a people person.  She talked to everyone whenever she left her room. When people had not seen her walking around the building during the  day, someone should have checked up on her or notified management that she had not been out of her room.

Jackson Park Assisted Living2I say what kind of world is this that we live in when we can’t put our loved ones in a facility that is suppose to be an Assisted Living facility, yet someone could die and be dead for 3 days before they are discovered. Come on now, please people, are there no safe havens for our seniors?


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