sarah-slocum-google-glassSubmitted by: Marla Thompson


Ms. Slocum. (Photo: Twitter)

A group of bullies allegedly attacked a woman for wearing Google Glass at a Bay Area bar this week.

The woman, Sarah Slocum, was at Molotov’s on Haight Street showing someone her Google Glass, CBS reports. Then, two women confronted her, and a man ripped the Glass off her face. Someone also stole her purse and phone, CBS said.

Said a witness of the odd scene:

“The crowd was jeering as any last call crowd would do with a fight outside of a bar,” Lester said. “She was running around very excited … and people were telling her, ‘you’re being an *** take those glasses off.”

The witness, Brian Lester, went on to explain that people might have been upset that she was “recording outside of a bar this late with obvious embarrassing behavior going on.”

It sounds like Ms. Slocum could stand to glance at Google’s guidelines on how not to be a Glasshole. But that still doesn’t give anyone the right to assault or rob her.

Ms. Slocum later recovered the Glass — and it had recorded video of the man ripping the device off of her face. So, lesson learned, would-be assailants: if you simply must be a jerk to someone, pick a victim who’s not wearing a recording device on her face.


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