Brian Vickers:

Since the removal of Rod Blagojevich as the Governor of the state of Illinois, almost two years ago, Illinois government has become worse. Although there is no “political gridlock,” and everybody is apparently getting along in the legislature, even in the General Assembly (State Senate), there is nothing to improve. However, Pat Quinn is following the agenda of House Speaker Michael Madigan. He is imposing “perverse legislation” upon the citizens of Illinois.

House Speaker Madigan (often referred to by then-governor Blagojevich, as the George W. Bush of Springfield), along with Pat Quinn, have imposed a huge tax hike upon the people of Illinois. Moreover, Quinn along with the help of House Speaker Michael Madigan, have pushed through the House of Representatives (Illinois Legislature), a bill that will allow same sex couples the right to get married in Illinois. Allowing same sex couples the right to get married is not only “perverse,” but also abomination to God; however, Madigan, with the help of Pat Quinn, pushed the bill through the legislature in attempt to remain in office, with the help of the vote from “the gay community.”

In addition to higher taxes, and same sex marriages, Madigan and Quinn have also begun cutting back on social service programs, in an attempt to balance the budget. Governor Quinn, supposedly a man of the people, has taken over the governorship and shown that he is a man of the legislature. In particular, he wants to be the man of House Speaker-Michael Madigan; Quinn has done nothing but what the legislature and Michael Madigan what him to do, which is to make Illinois Government work at the expense of the people, instead of making Illinois government work for the people.

Beginning during the gubernatorial tenure of George Ryan, Illinois found itself in the worse financial shape it has ever experienced. However, when Jim Edgar (George Ryan’s predecessor) left office, Illinois had a surplus built on the backs of Illinois taxpayers. With higher taxes, along with cuts in public welfare, and public education by then-governor Edgar, the state is in a financial decline.

During Blagojevich’s gubernatorial tenure, he not only vetoed all tax hikes, but also made several proposals to balance the state budget, notably, selling, or mortgaging the Jim Thompson Center. House Speaker Michael Madigan and the Illinois Legislature would then reject that proposal, along with gross tax receipt proposal. If Michael Madigan and Pat Quinn really had the best interest of the people of Illinois at heart, they would find other ways to balance the budget, other than at the expense of the citizens of Illinois.



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