Submitted by Rev. R. Ken Turner
On Saturday, April 11, 2020, 9:58 AM, Douglas Thompson <> wrote:

Today more than ever there is a need for Reparation Enforcers to be clear on the knowledge, understanding and analysis of what is currently taking place globally and in America as it relates to COVID19. While major and smaller cities across this country is noticing a wide and disturbing disparity gap concerning mortality rates between racial groups, non (that i have heard) are making the connection to the pre-existing conditions (hypertension, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, kwk, kwk) and the reality of the source of those pre-existing conditions, i.e. Trans-generational epigenetic injury.

We must utilize at every turn the knowledge that is at our disposal to not only illustrate that our injury is real, but to also illustrate how the manifestation of that injury continues to present itself at a wide range of cross sections of our presence here in North America. The disparity of the loss of Black lives via the COVID19 pandemic is one of those cross sections. In order for us to articulate this we must have on the front line “professionals” that are committed to the study and implementation of this relatively “new” science known as trans-generartional epicgenenetics. Being an elite epidemiologist, a great geneticist, a brilliant biologist, or a dynamic doctor of medicine. is not enough. Of course conceptually this is a excellent start, however, even with this wealth of knowledge, in the absence a proper understanding of trans-generational epicgenitics, these groups and individuals are not properly equipped to correctly analyze what we see unfolding before us.

Therefore, as Reparation Enforcers we must encourage these professionals to examine the science of trans-generational epicgentics and utilize that science within their respective disciplines to explain the Tran-generational epigenetic predisposed conditions (TGEPC) that’s at the root of the loss of Black lives connected to the COVID19 pandemic. To a large degree, per reparations and correct action, if these professional don’t or can’t make the connection to the science of what’s unfolding before our eyes, their “expertise” serves little to no purpose.

In closing, per the ravishing effect that COVID19 is having on local Black communities: today’s Chicago Tribune cover story says ” Blacks have died at nearly 6 times the rate as Whites” and the Chicago Sun Times cover story reads “A deadly divide: 70% of Chicago’s virus victims are African American” (Tues April 7, 2020 for both papers). These types of numbers are being reported across the country where Black populations reside. And while the Mayors of many of these large and small cities are establishing special task forces to look into this “phenomena”, none of them are properly addressing the historical origin of these existing conditions. And what’s worse is that not enough of the professionals have made the connection of these pre-exsisting conditions and our injury via slavery and Jim Crow segregation and the science of trans-generational epigenetic. Therefore, as Reparation Enforcers must utilize this moment to teach, share and encourage other to properly understand and address our injury, if we are ever to end our Maafa. Professionals Wanted!

“Even if we wanted to ‘get over it”, we couldn’t, because we are under it” NM

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