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Self employment assistance program

Americans who are self employed may not realize that there is a self employment assistance program available to help qualifying workers. This program was designed to offer workers that are dislocated an opportunity at early re-employment. Qualified unemployed workers can use this self employed assistance to make their own job opportunities through the creation of their own small business.

Can Self Employed Claim Benefits?

Recipients of these benefits available to self employed workers will receive a Subsistence Expense Allowance (SEA) opposed to traditional unemployment benefits. The goal of an SEA is to provide support for workers in the process of becoming self employed. If eligible, you could receive weekly allowances while working on getting your business started.

This program is not mandated to be in every state. This voluntary program is only located in a handful of states like Delaware, New York, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Mississippi. If you are interested in seeing what assistance options are available near you, you can look for resources online. The United States Department of Labor has resources on their website, but you can also find information at your local State Workforce Agency. They will be able to provide you information and potentially help you with the application process if this program is available.

Eligibility Requirements for This Assistance

While every area and program have their own requirements, there are definitely some general guidelines that can help give you an idea on your eligibility status. First, an individual must be receiving regular unemployment benefits under State law. However, eligibility isn’t off the table if an individual participates in self employment activities like business counseling, entrepreneurial assistance, technical training, etc. Overall, you may find that this is a program worth looking into if you are interested in starting your own business.


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