Submitted by:  Marcus Robinson

On one of the coldest days of the year, members of the St. Sabina Catholic Church rallied outside the Thompson Center after learning that funding had been cut by Illinois new Governor Bruce Rauner for their youth programs.

B.R.A.V.E. (Bold Resistance Against Violence Everywhere Youth Leaders) a program who’s funding has been stopped, helped a lot of poor at risk youth from communities like Auburn and Gresham and Englewood to name a few, but with the sudden cuts effective immediately many youth had to be turned away.

(BRAVE is a peer youth council geared towards violence prevention whereas its mission is to cultivate and develop youth into leaders and agents of social justice. The BRAVE Youth Leaders enjoy many exclusive opportunities throughout the year including: community service projects, youth retreats, social gatherings and professional development. The BRAVE Youth Leaders seek to recruit other youth who are willing to become active in its programs. This will include: attending weekly meetings and youth leadership events).

Father Michael Phfleger, parishioners and others of the African American community are demanding the funding be restored.  “He said he had a plan” says Father Mike, “and it must have been to cut the funding to youth programs that had already been approved by the previous governor Pat Quinn”.

In my opinion, Governor Rauner seems to not care about underprivileged citizens of this state.  if you think it’s bad now, just wait till the spring when the youth realize there are no jobs and they have nothing to look forward to.

Mr. Rauner seems to care more about fixing the Governors mansion then dealing with the black youth and adults. He also plans to make bigger cuts to Medicaid.

“We received an email from his office saying that the funding had been cut” says Father Mike. The Governor has not returned any of their calls regarding this sudden and swift action by his office.

Gov. Rauner shook hands with black youth and adults at the Bud Billiken Parade to get votes. Rev. Meeks and Rev. Corey Brooks jumped on the Republican band wagon. Many blacks are calling them sell outs.

In my opinion, he doesn’t seem to care about our youth.  Many parents could lose jobs because they can’t send their young children to daycare. Thanks to Governor Rauner, daycare may be reduced significantly for now.

I say to Governor Rauner what about the deprived youth? Do you even care? One marcher said he is just trying to fill up the jails.


As you say in the street, ‘S*** just got real.

Get real by unifying and demanding the cuts to programs which help the poor and undeserved communities and people, be stopped effective IMMEDIATELY!

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