Edited:By Marla Thompson

Image Englewood If received some computers on November 21, 2013. The center had received 24 used computers, 5 used monitors,and 2 boxes of keyboards & mice. Gary McClelland who work at Feinberg School of Medicine located at Northwestern University, had donated 10 computers. Gary gives a special thanks to Eamon Carlos, who helped to identify the computer he donated to IEi. The other 14 used computers & monitors were donated by Ted Pearson & Matt Smith who work with Chicago Alliance against Racist and Political Repression. Gary McClelland ,Faith Ringgold and Jean-Carter Hill all had met about the computers and what kind of software would be good to put on the Them.CAM00590

Mrs.Jean-Carter Hill said Christmas has came a little early, HO HO HO.CAM00592



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