By Marcus Robinson


What A Wonderful Tell About A Family and Their Strong Believe in God.

Marcus Robinson, CCNM Photojournalist

The stage is set at the Glen Theater located at 20 West Ridge Road in Gary Indiana. The play Bill showcases presents a drama about a family entitled “All I Want for Christmas”. The play has an outstanding cast and as I watched, the Play seemed to mainly center around the daily issues that most Black families are faced with today. Their ups and downs and their plight to overcome those issues. Like most families their faith in God strengthen them in one another. The family got great gifts for Christmas. They were so blinded by gifts that they forget the best gift of all, the play and reminder of what Christmas is all about. It’s not about the gifts we give or receive, it’s about the love we give and share with others. It’s about our belief in the greatest gift of all, Jesus, the living God. Bluu-J whose real name is Jujaun Walker a native of East St. Louis MO who plays Kenny, the brother in the play. Kenny has done many things here in Chicago from acting to modeling. Jujaun Walker has been on hit TV shows like CPD and Empire. Jujaun Walker has raw talent and brings to the stage a Michael Jordan style of acting. In other words, he has his own unique style and to date, it hasn’t been duplicated. His live performance as an actor is off the chain and he’s natural. Overall the entire cast was great, and Gary Indiana doesn’t get the respect it deserves. It was home of the legendary Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, but at night the community is dark and gloomy. It looks like a Ghost Town and looks a little harder to find but their still alive. The Glen theatre is a great place to go see a live performance.


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