The CTA and Pace are extending the transition schedule to Ventra. More than half of transit rides are now paid for with Ventra, but many customers have had difficulty switching to the new payment system.

CTA has implemented a number of immediate steps to better assist customers with the transition process.

  • Customers who are having trouble activating the card they received in the mail can now retrieve usernames and passwords on ventrachicago.com.
  • Complete activation instructions for regular Ventra Cards sent to you by mail, including replacement cards for current Chicago Card and Chicago Card Plus users are also on the website.

Customers who still have not received their Ventra cards can:

trainsBuy a Ventra card from a Ventra vending machine or retail outlet; register to get $5 one-time card cost refunded as transit value

  • Spend down Chicago Card Plus balance; call 888-YOUR-CTA to cease autoload function on Chicago Card Plus.
  • For customers who wish to transfer their remaining Chicago Card Plus balances, they can bring their Ventra card and their Chicago Card Plus card along with a photo ID to a balance transfer event or Ventra customer service center at 165 N. Jefferson (Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-4 p.m.) and balance will be manually transferred over.
  • Coming soon: Ventrachicago.com will allow Chicago Card Plus customers the ability to have their balances transferred online to Ventra by providing their Chicago Card Plus and Ventra card information.

As an additional convenience to customers, Ventra has added 11 new balance transfer events beginning Wednesday, Nov. 6, at CTA headquarters, 567 W. Lake, to allow customers to transfer their balances from legacy fare cards including Chicago Card, Chicago Card Plus and magnetic stripe cards to registered Ventra cards.

Customers may bring a maximum of five eligible fare media cards at a time with a combined minimum of five dollars in transit value on the cards to transfer to a registered Ventra card. No unlimited-ride passes (1-,3-,7-, or 30-day) will be transferred, nor will balances on expired fare cards be transferred.

busThe full list of dates are posted at http://ventrachicago.com/about.

Old methods of paying fares will be gradually phased out through the fall. For more information about Ventra, to order cards or manage your account, visit ventrachicago.com.

For everyday CTA riders:


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