Unity of Chicago South, (UCS), the newest Chicago Spiritual Community of Unity Worldwide Ministries, (UWM), invites you to its inaugural event “Embrace Your Light” on Saturday February 4, 2017. It is the official “We are here!” announcement that includes a dynamic program. Not quite six months old, UCS seeks to make an inspiring and illuminating statement with this event. The Visioning presentation, facilitated by Rev. Celeste Frazier, opens the celebration at 10:15 a.m., followed by the family style luncheon, music, spoken word, and a program highlighting UCS’s progress and future goals. There will be cues during the afternoon, centered on the event’s theme, “Embrace Your Light.” Tickets are available at EmbraceYourLight.Eventbrite.com. Early bird and group pricing discounts are available through January 14, 2017.
Unity of Chicago South’s Sr. minister, Rev. R. Ken Turner, is no stranger to Chicago’s New Thought community. He and the dedicated organizers of UCS want to be known contributors within the New Thought Community. “We are a part of a community that offers the unique opportunity to practice the presence of God in a positive, personal and practical manner,” according to one UCS member. Another member added, “This event is a way to demonstrate our commitment to the Unity principles and make them available at a time and in a way that people can truly benefit from them.”
This celebration also includes registration for the Small Group Exploration Gatherings. Each of the exploration units offered is based upon Unity truth principles. The three topics to select from are: Proving the Power of Principle, Living an Abundant Life and Knowing the Truth about Healing; each gathering will meet for seven sessions. These small informal groups afford a relaxed look at their respective themes. While there is not a registration fee associated with these gatherings, there is a definite limit on the group size. Those who might be interested in getting a jump on registering for any of the gatherings may express their interest by emailing today to, ucsgatherings@untyocs.org. Please include your full name, a contact phone number and the unit(s) of interest in your email. Or, you may phone UCS, at (312) 253-7314 and leave the aforementioned information.
The scene is set for the nation’s immediate future. Principle- focused spiritual institutions can play a significant role in helping those who are seeking a different, personal and more authentic approach to guiding their lives toward positive possibilities. It can be as simple as moving from a “visualizing perspective” to a “visioning practice”.
The familiar saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” embraces a concept proven to be sound in real life. From a spiritual growth perspective, it sometimes takes a community to support our personal progress. The Unity of Chicago South Spiritual Community is poised to be a supporting factor for those seeking spiritual growth, no matter their race, gender or religion. UCS, along with its community outreach organization, the Heal Our Land Community, welcomes the opportunity to share positive life- changing practices and stabilizing principles with the entire community.
Please join us on February 4, 2017 at 10:00 a.m., as we celebrate embracing the Divine Light that is within and surrounds us all. Purchase your tickets via EmbraceYourLight.Eventbrite.com. Online donations can also be made via easytithe.com/UCS. For group pricing and additional information phone UCS at (312) 253-7314 or via email at embraceyourlight@unityocs.org.
Unity of Chicago South currently holds its Sunday Celebrations, starting at 11:30 a.m., in the banquet room of Chicago South CDO, located 12338 S. Halsted, Calumet Park, Ill.


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