The U.S., U.N, OAS… have completely lost credibility in Haiti. Today,they rule over the mayhem they have created in the country only by the might of financial, diplomatic, and political blackmail.

Twelve (12) years ago, Haiti had a democratically-elected President (Dr. Jean Bertrand Aristide), over 7000 elected officials, including lawmakers, mayors, local officials…who were all removed by a bloody U.S. backed coup d’état, on February 29, 2004. UN troops came in to solidify the violent, racially-motivated coup, rather than to overturn the outrageous crime. Understandably, lucid Haitians have no illusions about the real motivation of the foreign forces (collectively known as “blan an” – the whites) who are all up in their business, ever since.

Luigi Einaudi
Luigi Einaudi, former OAS Secretary General
More than twelve (12) years ago, a group of white men and women decided to tackle what, in their view, constituted “The real problem with Haiti”. At the January 31, February 1, 2003 Ottawa Initiative on Haiti, a secret meeting of non-Haitians held at the request of then-Canadian Francophonie Minister, Denis Paradis, it was decided to conduct a coup d’état to overthrow Haiti’s President and put the country under U.N. tutelage. On the last day of that same year, December 31, 2003, with my own ears, I heard the following prophetic declaration made at Haiti’s Montana Hotel: “The Real Problem with Haiti is that the international community is so screwed up and divided that they are letting Haitians run Haiti”.

Less than 2 months after then-Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luigi Einaudi, uttered these infamous words at the Montana, in my presence as well as other witnesses including journalist Kevin Pina and lawyer/activist Èzili Dantò, the “real problem with Haiti” was supposedly solved by U.S. troops entering the residence of Haiti’s democratically-elected president in the dead of night, kidnapping him and his wife and dumping them more than 20 hours later in the French neo-colony known as the Central African Republic. For their brazen actions taken on the very year of the bicentennial celebrations of Haiti’s abolitionist revolution, the American and European diplomats who participated in the coup have been dubbed: “The Diplomatic Skinheads (DS)”, a reference to an underclass of racist North-American and European youths who often conduct brazen acts of violence against non-whites whom they perceive as threatening to their “culture”.

Thus, since February 29, 2004, the DS who physically removed the legitimate Haitian leadership, have effectively taken military and political control of the western part of the island. They govern its every moves, including fake elections whose outcomes are confirmed by the U.S. Secretary of State landing in person in Port-au-Prince to announce which candidates shall be allowed to run in round 2 of said “elections”.

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More recently, a Haitian commission uncovered evidence of massive fraud conducted by the Martelly Tèt Kale (bald “skin” head) puppet regime and its foreign masters to maintain power illegally. Predictably, “blan an” is all up in arms, casting blame on the Haitians who dare expose their elaborate machinations.

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“On December 31, 2003 this author was in Haiti to honor the bicentennial of Haiti’s independence. It was very late, I’d already gone up to my room for the night. But my good friend Jafrikayiti (Jean St-Vil) had come to the Montana Hotel in Petion-Ville to meet up. He called from the front desk. I took the elevator down and found a heated conversation in progress with US career diplomat and current member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Luigi R. Einaudi, who was then the Assistant Secretary General at the Organization of American States. Journalist Kevin Pina was arguing with him. What Einaudi said as he exited towards the elevator up to his room was so astonishing, I took out pen and paper and wrote it down. On the eve of Haiti’s 200-year independence, the OAS’s Luigi Einaudi said, “the international community is so screwed up they’re letting Haitians run Haiti.“–Èzili Dantò

The UN and OAS can speak all the threats and nonsense their masters dictate, their ugliness is showing. Historicals facts are stubborn and so are the many eye-witnesses who refuse to pretend being blind to the racist motivations of the “diplomatic skinheads”. – Jafrikayiti at


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