WSCAC Presenting “The Village Gallery of African American Arts & Culture” promoting “Art, Culture, Green and Wellness.”

Our mission is to identify African American artists to showcase their talents and to inspire inner-city undeserved youth.

To provide artistic workshops as a demonstration to encourage youth to pursue “Art as an Entrepreneur.”

To incorporate “Green Living and Green Technology” as an integral part of the arts.

To promote the “Culture and Heritage of the African American Community” as an element for positive social


To mentor to youth in various forums, performance venues and workshops.

To incorporate “Wellness” by promoting healthy eating and awareness.

To encourage careers in all “Artistic Disciplines including the Agricultural and Culinary Arts.”

Please make your posts pertaining to these principals. Peace and Blessings

This is one of my art pieces that I created over the summer as I watched over my daughter during her illness.

I took off my administrative hat and stepped into my artist shoes. It felt wonderful and thus…my ICE Rings

were born. Every one is truly done with love and when they sell…a portion of the sale will support our

“Saturday Arts Program.”  For more information call 773-469-2189.



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