Submitted by Bernie Gresham


You are invited to a special performance of the new Soul, Hip-Hop band the Urban Gypsies Music Group Chicago ( UGMG – Chi) on March 15th at the Underground Wonder Bar. UGMG – Chi has been playing for enthusiastic fans for the past 3 years and has been identified as a breakout band of the future. The group members are: Bernie Gresham AKA Professor GX3 on Lead vocals, saxophone, and keyboard, Ashley Goode AKA Lyrical one on vocals, Blck Mel on vocals, Keenan Penson AKA JoJo on Bass, Trina High AKA sister Hi~ProsE vocals, Todd Lucas AKA Smokey, lyricist, James Hammond AKA J-Hamm, saxophone, Lawrence Matthews AKA Mr. Analytic on guitar, Arthur King AKA king of Arts, on vocals, and guitar, Tony Thomas AKA T-Spinna on keyboard, Matthew Carter on percussion, Michael Copeland AKA NC-17 on drums, and Kevin “KM” Nelson, on guitar. UGMG – Chi is producing music that inspires people to think to feel and to dance. Come out and see the Urban Gypsies Music Group Chicago and experience their multidimensional musical offerings at the Underground Wonder Bar on March 15th. For ticket information contact Bernie Gresham at 312-834-1882, or Lawrence Matthews at 773-746-1641



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