Talent Director Reginald Torian, Lead singer of the “Impressions”

Talent Directors Dr. Dena & Dr. Claude Spivey, organizers of


Host The Taste Entertainment Showcase along with Producer Wanda Carter, Chicago Communicator News Media and R. Ken Turner, Little Skillet Productions, along with a number of other television producers  to create an once a month entertainment showcase at the Taste Entertainment Center.

Live performances with featuring well known professional performers will be taped in front a VIP audience for a series of commercial TV shows.

If you are a business or organization Interested in an inexpensive expanded opportunity to market and advertise your product or service  on cable and the Internet call 919-827-8307 (Taste07)

Come be a part of our Special VIP Only audience This month’s special taping is Tuesday August 26, 2014, from 5pm to 10pm.

VIP Admission is FREE . . . but your name must be on the list! Register today at (919) taste07 (919) 827-8307 today.




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