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tarasandersnewsMiss Black Illinois USA 2013 & Kids Off The Block (THA Movement) Meet The Delegates for Miss Black Illinois USA 2013 Upcoming Pageant The Miss Black Illinois USA Pageant provides a platform for young women of color who dare to dream big. Our non-profit organization is the largest single source of scholarship funds for women of color ages 14-17 and 18-27. Our Purpose for the Charity Fashion Show Due to the recent violence that plague our community The Miss Black Illinois USA Pageant wanted to have a strong voice in the community, therefore we selected an organization founded by Diane Latiker to assist with their efforts. Diane believes that she could make a difference in the community, and in the many youth that she came in contact with daily. She became encouraged and opened up her home to get these young people off the streets and involved in programs that would benefit them for the rest of their lives. Kids Off the Block (KOB) started out with ten neighborhood kids, and now has impacted thousands of lives. “Some say our youth is a lost generation, I don’t believe that to be true.” Diane Latiker, Founder and President of Kids Off The Block organization thinks differently, “I have heard the voices and they speak of hope and love. Through forms of compassion, love, and guidance this generation can be led to discovering a spectrum of opportunities and become positive leaders in our communities.” images1images2cal2

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