Submitted by Anthony Travis, The Tax Doctor

As a result of this retirement pension deficient, twelve percent of government workers and public officials have held 88% of non G-workers hostage for 53 Years! Thirty seven (37%) percent of you went to the poll and voted in a Special Election In December 1970, and voted for a Constitutional Amendment that gave us Article 13 Section 5 Pension and Retirement Rights.

This Is known as The Protection Clause. But 67% of you didn’t vote! Part one of fixing Illinois’ consolidation and liquidation problem is to reform the 7,000 units of government that we have. Then, we need to consolidate the 856 school districts down to (6). Remove the schools off the Property Tax System and have one statewide budget for education! This is how we can build a new Illinois that is friendly to all Taxpayers! Follow the money from A 2 Z.


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