CAM00371The Chicago Transit Authority Red line  is up and running again after a five month renovation. This was a $425 million dollar upgrade to the tracks and the stations, from Cermak Rd. to 95th Street. The reconstruction of the Red Line South is an historic investment in the Chicago Transit Authority transportation system . The people of Chicago is glad that the Red Line is back in effect, because the Red Line was a way for people to get around, cause those buses was inconvenient for some of us to get from one place to another. This brand new rail line would provide faster and more comfortable rides for the commuters. C.T.A Board Chairman Terry Peterson said this was a 10.2 mile upgrade on the rail system, and will provide over 1,500 jobs. In addition,  approximately 1,000 construction related jobs,  400 bus operator jobs, and 100 Traffic Control Aides position. C.T.A was the first U.S. transit agency to entirely remove and replace stretches of railroad  between Cermak Rd. and 95th St.


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