IMG_2763Wednesday night the Curie Condors barely beat Hyde Park Career High School, but they beat them and Whitney Young Dolphins beat Orr High School. On Friday night while many stayed at home watching the Chicago Bulls.

Something was happening on the grounds of Chicago State University, the fans from both Curie High School and Whitney Young all packed the CSU Arena to watch one of the best games ever played there in a long time, two of the best teams CPS league had to offer took to the polished wooden floor to do battle at Chicago State University.

Once the whistle blew Curie Condors wasted no time, they launched an all out assault on the Dolphins.

Curie hit the ground running and scoring they held the lead all through the first half of the game, by the second half Whitney young took off on the Condors and held the lead just when we thought the game was over. It was just the beginning of a long night the game went into over time four times then Curie decided to put and end to the mayhem. Curie hit a buzzer shot and won the game final score was 69 to 66. The team and fans all danced and celebrated on the gymnasium floor. It was Curie’s season, and one moment in time reporters and photographers crowed the floor gasping for interviews from Curie’s very talented youngsters and head coach and coaches. Allow me to end with this congratulations to both teams hard work does pay off, and to Curie who now goes to play state no matter what happens you made it there keep your heads up and give it your best. Here are scenes from Friday night’s game.


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