Submitted by Marcus Robinson

Well folks meet LilZay one of Chicago’s newest R&B and hip hop artist.

LilZay has seen a lot that most of us would never see, at age sixteen he has been through a lot.

his music is his escape from the harsh reality of growing up in the hood. God has given this young man a second chance to make a change and get it wright through his music. “music is away for me to express myself” said LilZay without where would I be. while Chicago is currently known for it’s politics and violence and Chief Keefe LilZay wants to change that stereo type. he wants people to think of him when they think of Chicago. he wants to make music that reach everybody and make people think and rejoice at the same time. LilZay is currently under the management of Kamdre  Entertainment. LilZay is currently a hit on You tube and is well known amongst his peers. Lilzay has the full support of his family and friends. I am glad I had the privilege of meeting this young man and his family, and I hope he makes it to the top and become a true legend that many will talk about for years to come.


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