VEYgLftBjYmIxju-172x97-croppedNew FCC TV rules would undermine the federal laws that protect our viewing data and shield kids from inappropriate manipulative ads. This would unleash Big Tech to profile, re-sell and profit off our viewing data without meaningful safeguards. Tell the FCC: Protect our Privacy on TV!

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From Netflix to Roku to revolutionary apps like HBO Now, we have never had so many great choices for TV. But now Big Tech lobbyists are pushing for new rules that will stifle innovation, saddle consumers with new hardware costs, and let the tech companies spy on your TV viewing without meaningful privacy safeguards. Tell the FCC to reject these rules and protect our privacy on TV.

Strict laws currently protect the privacy of your personal viewing choices, limiting how such data can be used, and allowing you to enforce your rights in court. But the FCC is considering new rules for that would take away your control over your viewing data, allowing Big Tech to profile, mine, and re-sell your information and make huge profits without any meaningful safeguards for your privacy. It will allow children to be tracked and subjected to Internet-style pop-up ads whenever they watch TV.

It’s an egregious giveaway to the richest companies in the world who are seeking a shortcut in their conquest to take over TV and become even wealthier.

Big Tech doesn’t need a shortcut at our expense. Tell the FCC: Protect our Privacy on TV!

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