Can beauty open our hearts to difficult conversations?

13:35 minutes · TED2020

An artwork’s color or composition can pull you in — and put you on the path to having important and difficult conversations, says artist Titus Kaphar. In this stunning talk, he reflects on his artistic evolution and takes us on a tour of his career — from “The Jerome Project,” which draws on religious icons to examine the US criminal justice system, to “From a Tropical Space,” a haunting body of work that centers around Black mothers whose children have disappeared. Kaphar also shares the idea behind NXTHVN, an arts incubator and community for young people in his hometown.

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How art shapes conversation

How art shapes conversation

Powerful art makes people talk. These TED Talks bring context and nuanced perspectives to subjects surrounding history, race, socioeconomics and more. Watch »

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Economic violence: the most socially acceptable form of racism

Artist and TED Fellow Paul Rucker discusses one of the most insidious yet socially acceptable forms of racism: economic violence. He writes, “In April 2018, I flew to Vancouver, Canada, for my first TED Conference. I had the opportunity to give both a talk and a cello performance. As I packed my artifacts and artwork, which included three of my custom Ku Klux Klan robes made from various fabrics, the one that most stood out to me then — and still stands out to me now — was the camouflage robe.”


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