Submitted by Wanda Carter

April, 15, 2013 South Side Unity Center of Christianity 9320 S Ashland Ave Chicago, IL 60620 Church (773) 445-7895

For further information: Rev. R. Ken Turner (312) 253-7119

After years of hearing that icons, which contributed to the history of African Americans, should be honored beyond the shortest month of the year, an 85 year old south side institution, is taking action.  The board of directors joined with their Sr. minister, Rev. R. Ken Turner, to change the previously known, “dress down” Sunday to “African American Celebration” Sunday.  The oldest Black “New Thought” church, in the state of Illinois, will now have a special heritage service and celebration every 4th Sunday starting April 28.  The idea is dynamic and continues to evolve.  The South Side Unity Center congregation will wear motherland garments, with special community presentations and several surprises expected.  The church plans to incorporate African cuisine as the 4th Sunday event continues to develop.  While wearing the garments of our heritage is old hat to many black church goers, the idea of regularly dedicating a particular Sunday has positive cultural potential.  The doors of Unity Center of Christianity, located 9320 S. Ashland in Chicago open every Sunday at 11:00 AM and visitors are warmly welcomed.  The SSU phone is (773) 445-7895 and the website is



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