By: Lionel Nixon, 
National Correspondent CCNews Media



Rest In Peace 

 “Alderman Natarus was one of a “few white aldermen” among the group of 21 who sided with Mayor Washington during the infamous Chicago City Council Wars in the 1980s.”   My mother the late Geraldine Payne Nixon Daniels who lived in the 42nd Ward in the Two East Oak building in the heart of the Gold Coast @ Rush and Oak Streets was a very good friend and supporter of both Alderman Natarus and Cook County Board President George Dunne.  In 1975 I was selected to the arduous position of Security Manager at the Chicago Housing Authority’s Cabrini Green Homes, public housing development which was located in the 42nd Ward. 
  Two police officers have been murdered and the place was a hot mess. I moved in with my mom so that I could be closer to my job which was a few blocks west of the  2 East Oak building. A long story for another time. This is where I got to know Burt and learned that he was a very decent man he knew how to get things done provided me with a great deal support important insights and connections with the right people in politically navigating many aspects and obstacles that came with the job. 
   With the resources of the federally funded TPP program and the High-Impact Security Program, we were able to reduce the crime rate in Cabrini-Green lower and that of the city.when I met with the top gang leaders to formulate a truth nobody said a word. That move was very unpopular with my CHA supervisors and others along with my support of my good friend the late, Community Activist and Organizer Marion Stamps as well as many others. Burt provided me his political support and was a friend. My deepest condolences go to the family. Rest in Peace and Power Alderman Burton Natarus.


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