TeaeraAre senior citizens being well-treated in Chicago? Recently, I interviewed a Vietnam veteran who is currently residing in North Chicago. He shares with me his opinions on senior citizens hardships in the city. My reasoning for wanting to know is because this man is actually my grandfather and it’s always interesting to learn something new from him.

– Teaera Change





The man pictured to the left is Orlando Richardson. Not only is he a Vietnam War veteran, but he is also a loving father of two, and a grandfather.


Me: How is it like being a senior citizen in Chicago?

Orlando: I don’t like anything about being a senior citizen in Chicago! They treat us seniors like we’re irrelevant. People in this city rob from us, talk to us like we’re below them and have no mercy for any of it.

Me: Do you think the city of Chicago supports senior citizens to the best of their ability or do you think they could do better?

Orlando: Yes, they can do a lot better! The whole government could do better. They shut down the government and cut off my disability check from  the veteran’s administration. It seems like the government and  the city of Chicago only think of the rich and themselves and leave us lower and middle class people in the dust. None of these rich politicians care, they only care about themselves.

Me:  Alright, last question would you rather live in a senior citizen building or on your own and why?

 Orlando: I’d rather live on my own; I can take care of myself. Most senior citizen buildings take advantage of the seniors anyways. If I’m bed ridden, I’m 100% sure they wouldn’t take care of me, they’d probably just leave me there to fend for myself.  Also, I like being able to go to the store when I want to, leave the house when I feel like and etc.  I like living my life the way I want to, when I want to and how I want.



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