From – Living by Grace By Joel Goldsmith P. 64-66


     The period of Sabbath or Grace is the full and complete surrender of self. In all of us there remains a finite sense of self that in the last analysis must be crucified. Each of us has this personal sense of self when we believe we have (or do not have) a skill, a wisdom, or an art. Moses’ sense of self was in his feeling of unworthiness. Jesus had it in his feeling of “I can of my own self do nothing.” I definitely had it in the knowledge that I could not being forth the message of The Infinite Way. That sense of self must be crucified until we can realize, “I do not have any Truth. I do not know Truth. I do not have any skill or art. I am the Truth, I am the art, I am the skill.” In that moment, humanhood has “died” and Christhood has been “born” and revealed in its fullness, and the ascension or translation can take place.

        It is never meant that we should glory in our wisdom, in our art, in our science, or in our skill. The reason we are on earth is to show forth God’s glory. Therefore, we must recognize that what appears to the world as these is not really ours, but His. In other words, “All that the Father has is mine.” And this glory is God’s and this is what I am showing forth, not mine. Only God’s Grace has raised up students, publishers, money, travel, and workers for The Infinite Way. The success and prosperity of The Infinite Way shows forth God’s glory and God’s Grace, not my prosperity or success. The message of The Infinite Way is God’s message, not mine. No one knows better than I that The Infinite Way activity and message is Truth expressing Itself. It is God’s Grace and glory being revealed in human consciousness. I, Joel, could never have done it! In your life—your activities, your business, your art, your profession—you too must realize that the nature of your experience is so that God may be glorified, that God may speak through you, or sing through you, or play through you, or act through you, or do business through you. Always, it is God functioning through and as your individual being.

        The Sabbath is the complete surrender of self so that God may live on earth as Heoneness2 is living in Heaven. The two become one. There is no longer a man in heaven and a man on earth. The man who came down and the man who went up are one and the same. There is no longer a kingdom of heaven and a kingdom of earth; but the kingdom of heaven is made manifest on earth in oneness. Then it is in the realization that “I” (God) is individual consciousness (yours and mine). In that realization, we turn within. That is the function of meditation. I (Joel) turn within so that I (God) may reveal Itself through the Word to I (Joel) as long as there is an I (God) and an I (Joel). When I (God) and I (Joel) can sit in the same chair and commune with each other, that is getting very close to oneness. It is not as close as it will be some day when I ascend unto the Father, thereby becoming the Father.


 Mary Noack

Hudson, FL 34667

“Where the Spirit is, I Am”


I have functioned as a Business and Media Consultant over the past sixteen years and spent many years developing my capacity to function in our ever evolving use of technology, communication, education and training.