Author: Wanda Carter

man saggingWhat is sagging? Who wears sagging clothing, and why? Well today, we see a number of our African American men wearing their pants below their buttocks.  That is sagging.  Why are they showing their under garments as they walk down the street?  Even in the winter I see these young men and women walking down the street with their pants so low that they have to walk with their legs opened wide to keep their pants from falling down to the ground. In the winter, most people put on layers of clothing to stay warm. What’s up with that? Who wants to see your drawers? That’s not sexy, it’s not attractive at all. They look like they have lost their minds.  The average person looks at them with disdain.  

Grow up, stop walking around looking like someone who has no respect for themselves.woman sagging If you don’t care how you appear to the world, think about what your mother, your sister, or aunt would say if they saw you in the street with your pants falling off your butt? I have even seen young men with their sons walking next to them and both of them have their pants falling off their butts. What are you teaching your child? Are you telling him that it’s okay to advertise his wears? Are you teaching him that wearing his pants below his butt is the proper way to dress?  Does your dad walk around with his pants under his ass???????  If he does you’d better question whether he is a man or just a male looking for another man! 

men saggingBe careful about the messages you create… People see you first as you appear.  Then they look at your dress, listen to your conversation, and then they evaluate the things that you do. What is the message you want to relay? Do you even know who you are or what you are saying subliminally? People judge you based on what they see.



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