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Submitted by Wanda Carter

Candidate Rosemary Reeves is running for the Cook County Board of Commissioners because she:  Rosemary Reeves

1. Believes in Democratic process and the power of the vote, for public officials who have term limits.

2. I survived critics and attempts by Commissioner Jerry Butler’s team to obstruct my run for office. Commissioner Jerry Butler’s organization has spent tens of thousands to keep me off the ballot challenging my candidacy. Tying my hands for over a month so that I could not focus on my campaign because I had to fight them everyday.

3. I want to enhance the lives of everyday people.  I want to focus on the things that make day-to-day life better for them so they can walk their neighborhood streets safely.
4. For most of my life, I have worked on women and children issues.  Running for this office is a natural extension of that effort, it gives me a wider platform to promote the concerns of families.
5. As the Executive Director of an 8 year old non-profit Women-Eye, I take pride in my what I have learn to stand for and respect.  Our website is

At Women-Eye, our mission is to help women become financially independent by starting and growing their own businesses. “If you help women, you help children and their families.” That is my belief.

6. As a cultural leader, entrepreneur, institution builder, educator and small business owner, I have worked in the not-for-profit sector for over 40 years with little or no pay because I feel blessed to have the opportunity to help others.

7. Commissioner Jerry Butler has served well, he has done a great job. I love Commissioner Jerry Butler, I even helped him get in office because he had a lot of new ideas for Cook County at that time. But today, times have changed and ideas and actions must change as well.  I did not run for office 8 years ago nor did I run for office in 2010 out of respect for Commissioner Jerry Butler.
8. Commissioner Jerry Butler has done great things for health care and he should be proud of his accomplishments regarding the Cook County Hospital. However a new focus on economic development is badly needed now. With my background, I am better qualified to push economic development.
9. Economic development is the common factor when it comes to health care, education and safety. It is the foundation of a successful community.
10. For me, economic development means micro development. I want to see small neighborhood business activity not just big box stores. My service on the Cook County Board of Commissioners will be built on micro economic development driven by small local businesses owned by the residents of Chicago’s communities.
11. I’m truly connected to the people in my district, the poor and the rich!

Keep the faith and the spirit!



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