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Rep. Dunkin to File Legislation to Rescue Chicago State University
Proposal would bail out public universities and community colleges in crisis;Bill requires no new revenue, leaves Republicans with no excuse to oppose
CHICAGO – Today, Illinois State Illinois State Rep Ken DukinRepresentative Ken Dunkin (D-5th District) will file legislation to save Chicago State University from closing – a bill he says both Democrats and Republicans should support and the Governor should sign. “The students of Chicago State University are real people that cannot afford to play the high stakes political games of Springfield politicians. This is an opportunity to help the thousands of students whose lives hang in the balance. We need to take action immediately,” Dunkin said. “This proposal would save Chicago State without raising taxes and without cutting social services. This is a bipartisan effort to tackle one of the most pressing issues facing our community.”
Dunkin’s legislation would appropriate $160 million in emergency assistance for public universities and $40 million in emergency assistance for community colleges. The Illinois Board of Higher Education and the Illinois Community College Board would allocate emergency funds to institutions in most dire need, starting with Chicago State University. The bill would be fully paid for by granting the governor’s Fiscal Year 2017 budget request to keep money borrowed from other state funds in the General Revenue Fund – a move that: neither requires new revenue or cuts; both Democratic leaders have supported in the past; and makes it impossible for the governor to veto. “I call on our leaders to call the bill, my colleagues to support this proposal, and I will urge the Governor to sign it,” Dunkin said.


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