Marc Little

Submitted by Dr. Claude Spivey

Fellow Concerned American

Isn’t it funny how quickly the Democrats revert to their racist roots when a Black conservative upsets them?

For voicing his legal acumen, Justice Clarence Thomas has been on the receiving end of threats, been called “Uncle Clarence,” was accused of being an angry black man by Hillary Clinton, and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lead a crowd to the chant of “F#ck Clarence.”

All of this disgusting hate has been directed at this man for failing to sit down, shut up, and do as he’s been told. It’s what the Democrats have come to expect from Black America.

Just like the abusive father who shows his true colors when angry, the Democrats have just lost their minds and are showing their true racist colors now that Roe is overturned.

There’s been no better time to educate Black America than now and expose the racism of the Democrat Party. But we need your $25, $50, or $100 donation today to get this message out to the Black community.

My name is Pastor Marc Little, and I am the Executive Director of CURE America Action. We’re the only, Black-run Conservative organization exposing the racism inherent in the Democrat’s agenda and in America’s communities.

My friend, Alveda King (MLK’s niece), laid out the racist hypocrisy when she said this on Fox News.

“You can’t say Black Lives Matter and not care what happens to Black preborn babies.”  – Alveda King

Preach it, Sister King! The Democrats will march and riot when one man is killed by a rogue police officer, but where are these marchers for the 23 million Black babies aborted since Roe?

Listen, Black Americans are getting tired of the racism inherent with their Democrat masters. We have the opportunity to share the truth with Black Americans and educate them as to the true meaning of the latest Supreme Court decisions, but we need your $50, $100, or $250 donation today to make that happen.

The recent Supreme Court rulings over the following issues have helped to expose the inherent racism embedded in the Democrat Party as they oppose:

  • Our rights to self-defense,
  • Our ability to worship freely,
  • Allowing parents to use vouchers so children may attend good, faith-based schools, and
  • the ability to protect unborn children in the womb.

Don’t you find it strange that the Democrats are trying so hard to prevent Black people from exercising their Constitutional rights?

In fact, most Black Americans are unaware that Planned Parenthood’s founder established the organization to sterilize Black Americans. These are the conversations we need to be having in Black Communities and NOT just during election years!

This isn’t a right/left issue. This is a right/wrong issue. And the Democrats are WRONG to do this to Black Americans.

That’s why we can’t waste the opportunity we’ve been given to use these Supreme Court cases to show just the true racism within the Democrat Party. These are the reasons we need you to chip in TODAY with a contribution of $100, $500, or $1,000.

Help us strike while the iron is hot, and the motives of the left are being called into question. Only then will we make inroads into the Black community, bringing conservative change to our nation as a whole, and demonstrating that we are all God’s children and deserving of his grace. Please help us today!

God Bless America


I have functioned as a Business and Media Consultant over the past sixteen years and spent many years developing my capacity to function in our ever evolving use of technology, communication, education and training.