Ayo Maat

May 22, 2020, 11:08 PM (11 hours ago)

Great information. I can send a transcript of part of the talk by Imam Dr. Nuriddin. I took notes and I already practice what Dr. Nuriddin talks about. Will refer my clients and contacts to his Tuesday night 8 pm CST, 9 pm EST, 6 pm PST, 7 pm MST

I eat mainly eat raw organic vegan and I take digestive enzymes and pre and probiotics. I also take moringa, astaxanthin, lutein, zeaxanthin, 9.5 pH ionized alkaline water (I have a machine), use oregano, monolaurin, raw fruits and veggies (also have a dehydrator), Young coconut water, monkfruit, etc.
The enzymes I take are protelytic. Not his brand, but a brand from Karyn’s and the digestive enzymes are Garden of Life I learned something new to share with others–to take the probiotics at night. Main complaints: acid reflux, diabetes, kidney dialysis, HBP, obesity, never detox, they call it a detox, but it is not when they use the Daniel diet or fast during Ramadan, but eat meat every evening of Ramadan.
I agree wholeheartedly with his protocol. We have to get more affordable ways for persons to get the products they need after they detox and change their diet. I will be doing some online health training anyway of students in particular youth.

I may be including the following holistic physicians to present online to paid subscribers and would like to pool resources and funds to buy their products, motivate others to grow their own organic food or buy direct from farmers without a huge co-op fee to grow what they do not eat, but. should eat. I am so glad he mentioned wheat. Need to remind them about corn, potatoes, But prefer them to listen to him and when they compare notes, they will see that I have taught them similar things for the past 28 years.

Glad he will be online depending on the response he gets. This is our opportunity to share healing information and motivate people to actually do, instead of just collect notes and put health on a future bucket list. Let’s save the people for real and stop playing with the Most High.

Get ready Tuesdays for some education on how to self-heal and learn to overcome diabetes, kidney issues, thyroid issues, cancer, obesity, blood disease, suppressed immune system, tinnitus, acid reflux, skin disorder, mental health issues, pain, cardivascular disease, other inflammation.

Dr. Sebi has taught. Dick Gregory, Dr. Yurasek, Karyn’s, Dr. John McCauley Jr and Sr, Ocean and John Robbins, Nate Mines, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Earl Mindell, Maat, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr, Rima Laibow, and others. Now there is Dr. Nuraddin.

Thank you NBAN. Thank you Dr. Nuriddin.

The average person who comes to me for nutritional education and info on crystal and essential oils education has an income that ranges from $750 to $1200.
The average person that contacts me with complaints and does not pay for my time nor barter and exchange for it seeks help only to record what I say, nit to follow the advice. The average person who gets well does so because that person values the information and their health and seek to eat for life, love life and love their fellow man or at least the good in that man or not have to take chemicals. .

In case you missed it, Trump believes that every person should be able to choose his own healthcare method and not have to take chemicals. The FDA and pharmaceutical industry disagree. Ter are others who fll the same way. Unfortunately, they are not our lawmakers (legislatotrs).

Tune in, please. Save your life for better health and well-being. That BBQ, charbroiled meat with a colon full of parasites is not going to save you from viruses nor stress. Prayer helps, so does meditation, crstal elixir or stone or essential oil and color, but what about asting healing? .And if you do not detox, will you just be wasting your body’s digestive system to keep putting herbs, minerals, food, vitamins,tc on top of putrified , undigested food and impure or toxic bloodstreams! Of course as Dr. Nuriddin said if you blieve it works, you craete the placebo effect and it might work. Unfortunately, what is happening to your piineal, pituitary, hypothalamus gands, thyroid, pnacreas, liver, heart, brain, gall bladder, kidneys while you feel satisfied that the food you are eating tastes good, but you do not fare s welk as viruses and stress invade your body.Will your body be able to fight it off with an impaired or suppressed immune system?



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