Greetings, Oakdale Christian Academy & Child Care! 

image.pngLike most people, I am writing to ask for something. Not a donation, … but a prize. My name is Dr. Don Jackson and I am the President and Co-Founder of Community Peace Program (CPP, an organization interested in highlighting our youth in an effort to eliminate (or significantly curtail) the homicides in Chicago’s low-income Englewood community. It is our intention to have a fund-raiser titled The Englewood “Battle of the Stars” Talent Show which would feature children from kindergarten to 7th grades or children 5 to 13. We are seeking to raise at least $500,000. The funds derived from the fundraiser will be used to create a reward-fund for the purpose of initiating a reward of $49,000 against any individual who murders anyone within the Englewood Community.

The prizes we want to offer are geared towards children – food, games, clothing, toys, scholarships, etc. The event takes place next year from December 26, 2021 – January 1, 2022 (as part of the celebration of Kwanzaa).  Our website address is:  

First, at this particular time, we are interested in letting various organizations within Chicago’s low-income communities become aware of our existence and seek their endorsements. Second, we hope that you will inform your constituents of our program, a program which is definitely a plus for positive mental development in environments such as ours which has soooooooo much PTSD, Hyper-tension, depression, etc. 

Third, because we want to stream live to the world the The Englewood “Battle of the Stars” Talent Show, the event is not limited to Englewood children. We want to attract a large pool of talent which would ensure a very high-quality performance. Prizes would be donated by businesses interested in eliminating (or greatly curtailing) the various homicides perpetrated in the Greater Englewood community. We look forward to your support and endorsement. Perhaps you’d like to buy a poster, or a tee-shit, or procure a bumper-sticker for your car … Perhaps, for now, you’d like to only stay in contact with our development towards The Englewood ‘Battle of the Stars’ Talent Show and nothing more …  

Anyway, … Peace! … and may God bless you!


Dr. Don Jackson, President and Co-Founder of CPP









I have functioned as a Business and Media Consultant over the past sixteen years and spent many years developing my capacity to function in our ever evolving use of technology, communication, education and training.