By Wanda Carter

Article includes excerpts from Miami New Times

Dayonte Resiles, a 21-year-old African American male reportedly escaped from Broward County Courthouse. He was accused and found guilty of murdering Jill Su, a woman who had been found dead in her home located in a gated community in Quinlan, TX. Did he do it, or was he the victim of the Sheriff’s Department need to identify anyone for an unsolved murder. Why would Resiles, a 21-year-old African American be in that community and why would he need to murder the victim to steal something from her home. I wonder if this young man is not just another victim of the police departments apparent need identify a killer? Was Resiles just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

public defender
Public Defender

Did he have an attorney or a public defender? Did he accept a plea bargain or was he convicted by a jury of his peers? And if he was convicted by a jury of his peers, were some of them African Americans, or at least a mix of other nationalities? Or were the jury members all white? Did Resiles have a fair trial or was he railroaded? Resiles escaped to run for his life. He probably felt like the court was going to kill him anyway, so let them do it in the open.

man dismantled in prison
It’s been said that Black lives matter…I can’t tell…This photo was located in Google Images. It was amongst the photos that surfaced when asked for images of prison for murders. It appears that this man was beheaded in a prison system. Aren’t prisons supposed to be guarded? Apparently not at this location. This is not an ending I would wish for anyone.


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