Author: Wanda Carter

WandaI haven’t written an article in quiet a while because I have been working as an educator helping seniors and disabled adults to better understand computers, software, internet applications, and social media.  I’m working on my doctorate or Ed.D in adult education.  My dissertation is focused on the digital divide that seniors and disabled adults experience living in subsidized private and public housing.  Most facilities including private homes, do not have computers with internet connectivity.  That might not seem important to many people but it is actually very significant to our seniors and disabled adults because they are living in a world that is rapidly transitioning into a digital age where everything is computerized and on the internet.

What that means for most of us today is that we pay our utilities, order food, music, movies, and a lot of other items on the computers over the internet. When we visit our physicians, they can place an order for our prescriptions over the internet so we can just go pick up the medication a hourcellphones or two later. And if we don’t have a vehicle, Walgreen will deliver our prescriptions to our home. In addition, cell phones are mini computers we can talk on, text on, take pictures and video clips with, and send them to our relatives and friends.  Now in my mind, it’s important that our mothers, fathers, grand parents, aunts, and uncles know how to use this technology so they can keep up with us and we can stay in constant contact touch with them.

Technology is the methodology we use to communicate. Today, laptops come with webcams so we don’t have to wait until we s82 year old black womanave enough money to travel back to our home town to see them. With a small investment, we can make sure our distant relatives and friends have laptops with webcams too so we can see and talk to them whenever we want. It’s important that we make sure our seniors and disabled adults can call for help when they need it, with voice activated recorders and software, the police and fire departments can be necklace security systemssummoned by pushing a button on a small digital computer we can place on our loved ones neck. The service is offered by many security companies throughout the country. With break ins and crime at an all time high, it is also essential that we have digital security systems installed in our senior and disabled adults homes to protect them from invaders.

home security systems2The project I’m working on for seniors and disabled adults will require the city of Chicago to provide this population with computers with internet connectivity just as the federal government has provided them cell phones to ensure they are able to call emergency services, friends, and relatives.  The equipment and service should become a part of the services offered to them through the department of aging or social security. Help me help our seniors and disabled adults get computers with internet connectivity, they need to be in touch with the rest of the world like everyone else.  If you’d like to help this cause, call 773-340-8237 so you can sign the petition to request the city of Chicago to do what’s right, computers with internet access is an essential not an option…


I have functioned as a Business and Media Consultant over the past sixteen years and spent many years developing my capacity to function in our ever evolving use of technology, communication, education and training.