1. CAM00035Imagine Englewood if (IEi) has a computer class where they teach seniors and physically challenged adults on Tuesday and Thursday from 11am-1pm and from 3pm-5pm. The class on Saturday from 11am-1pm. Student are really excited about the class. I had a chance to sit down in the class and help Ms. Carter who is the teacher. I interviewed Ms. Rutie who is one of the students and she also works for IEi as an office assistant. Ms. Rutie heard about the senior and physically challenged computer class through her job, and travels here on the CTA bus to attend. In the computer class she’s hoping to learn more about how to use Excel to work with spreadsheet and to establish a data base. Ms. Rutie has her own computer with INTERNET access so she will be attending so she can learn how to use her system through the distance learning program which will use video conferencing software to enable the students to attend the class remotely. Ms. Rutie is already familiar with sending emails and the social media, but needs a little help with posting videos, photo, and written documents to a blog. Ms. Rutie answer phones, send and receive mail, type documents, and also make flyer’s. She has been a big help for the 3 years she’s been at IEi.


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