What Interventions Can Be Employed to Reduce the Seniors and Disabled Adults Core Lived Experiences With This Phenomena?                                                                                                elders in class

Today, many essential services that people use are online, on electronic devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktops, Xbox’s) and or on an analog format (VHS or audio tapes) which is what we used to use before the digital evolution. Our data files, business accounts, medical records,  x-rays, shot records, receipts and address books were all stored somewhere around the house or the office in a file cabinet or a drawer. When a document was needed, grandma or auntie just spent hours until they found the document(s) they needed. With the emergence of digital software massive information can be safely secured on a flash drive, a CD or a DVD, an external drive, the cloud, or on a storage card.

With access to a computer and the Internet, grandma or great grandma, auntie LuLa in Ya-zoo Mississippi, and old cousin Betty in Alaska can see and talk to each other over the Internet using a video conferencing software like Google Plus, Skype, GoToMeeting and Lifesize. Watch this explanation.

Most activities people engage in are done online. Banking in managed online, people order movies, food, medicine, personal supplies, cars, and clothing on the Internet. People pay bills, send money to friends and family members, examine documents, view properties, and take classes they can not attend in person. Watch this example:

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