Contact Your Credit Card Issuer: Fees or Payments May Be Waived Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Your credit card company may cut you some slack during the coronavirus pandemic. With job cuts, furloughs and business closings, credit card companies are preparing for some cardholders to have problems making their monthly bills. Credit card issuers have programs that can help cardholders when they need assistance. [USA Today]

Credit Card Fraud During Coronavirus: Here’s What to Look Out For

You should always exercise caution when receiving emails with attachments or phone calls from someone you don’t know. But as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, hackers may be leveraging your vulnerability to steal your personal data, including your information on your credit card. Here are some specific tips for staying safe and protecting yourself against credit card fraud during this time. [CNBC]

Millions of Americans Will Soon Run Out of Money. Here’s How to Deal with Bills You Can’t Pay.

The coronavirus has infected the global economy and millions of Americans now out of work are trying to figure out what to do with no paycheck coming in. It’s scary to see the bills piling up and no money coming in. Start looking for things you can do to ease the financial strain. Some relief is already in place and more steps are being taken every day to help you get through this difficult time. [NBC News]