I attended Walden University from May 2009 to December 2016. The Walden recruiter said that I could complete my Ed.D. within 3 years for $60,000. I started in May 2009 and completed all the coursework by December 2013. I began my project proposal in January 2014, it was approved by my committee chair and 2nd chair twice, but the URR declined to approve the proposal even after the adjustments suggested were made. The university switched my 2nd committee chair twice and switched the URR committee person three times. I withdrew from the university in December 2016.

I filled a complaint with The U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (OCR) which said, “OCR carefully considered the relevant evidence in this case and has determined based on a preponderance-of-the-evidence standard that there is insufficient evidence to conclude the University discriminated against the Complainant as alleged.  

 In addition to her claim of race discrimination, the Complainant alleged age discrimination in her original OCR complaint. On September 9, 2016, OCR dismissed the Complainant’s age allegation because OCR determined that she failed to provide sufficient facts to infer that discrimination based on age occurred or is occurring.”

I filed a complaint with ” Got A Class Action” because I saw that the university had a problem with my chair and therefore was not going to approve my work as long as I refused to work with another chair. Dr. Wang had been my chair since the onset of my Ed.D. program and I had grown to know and respect him as a professor. He worked with me whenever I requested assistance and I felt like he literally liked what I was proposing to do in my proposal. As I responded to suggestions posed by the URR, I would run the changes by Dr. Wang, who took the time to review the work and make suggestions to it before I submitted it to the URR for review. But each time, the changes were rejected, so the revisions kept coming. After a while, I began to seek support from other professionals to get some outside feedback on the work that I was doing.

I worked with Dr. Russo, a former Walden University reviewer who said my proposal was ready for approval. Yet, none of the Walden University Reviewers would approve my proposal. The program requirements were extended and redesigned repeatedly, and each revision caused me to revise my proposal as well. If you attended Walden University between April 2009 and December 2016 and didn’t progress through the 5 stage EdD program because of the elongated, prolonged program requirements, and or because of the many revisions that you had to make exhausted your resources so you could not continue, please join me as I began a new class action lawsuit against Walden University. Send your written explanation for joining the class action lawsuit to Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Tell your story…