Submitted by Marcus Robinson, 12/2/2014marcus

This chapter in my life began September 23 2014.  On my way home from Ogden Park, in Chicago, I realized I was being followed by three young black males wearing dreads. As I walked by the mouth of the alley across the street from Perkins Bass School they attacked me. I was beaten and robbed of my wallet, cell phone and bus card! As in most cases, I was caring my camera but THANK GOD, I was able to hold on to it successfully.

This attack took place directly across the street, in front of the school. The parking lot was full of cars with people going and coming, I yelled out of the top of my lungs for someone, anyone to help me but it seemed like not one living soul came to my rescue.

During this attack I was struck on the side of my face in the right eye. My glasses were knocked off of my face, I’m bleeding, one of the attackers kept telling me to ‘shut the f..k up’. As he beat me another one tried covering my mouth, the third tried grabbing my hands, all trying to drag me out of site!  I continued to struggle and finally I was let go.  As I stumbled out of the alley way, still hollering for help, two girls who know me from the park, told me they called the police. Now the police drove right pass me three times while I was getting beat.  The girls said they even ran out in the street to flag the police down, but they still didn’t stop.

The ambulance came and picked me up.  I describe the young men to them. While being transported to the hospital, the ambulance driver saw my attackers walking down Racine. The driver saw a squad car up ahead and flagged him down, but after all of that, these attackers still got away.

It seemed like it took them hours to get me to the hospital. When I finally did get to the hospital, the investigating officers asked me ‘what were you doing in Englewood at 7:20PM?’ Here I am a grown man, who grew up in Englewood, you going to make me look like I’m the cause of me being jumped.

My injuries are many and will take some time and much medical intervention to heal.  My left hand and wrist was badly fractured, requiring surgery. The doctor says this was one of the worst she’s seen.

In my opinion, The Chicago Police can be pretty comical, and perhaps the greatest hoax ever played on black people. What’s even worse is how our own black people stand there and do nothing. Some, thinking it to be amusing, probably laughed about it.

I THANK the two girls who did help me and waited with me till the ambulance finally came.  I hope they did not get in trouble for not following their Aunt who tried to persuade them to leave me.

So while we’re all blowing our tops about what happen in Ferguson we need to also blow our top on how we treat each other everywhere.

Some Chicagoan’s have further destroyed our precious neighborhoods. These old men who put these little boys out here to sell their dope should be reckoned with. And the problem with racist cops, will never go away until we eliminate the street gangs.

Some black youth in Chicago are out of control. They don’t seem to care about nothing positive and everything is a joke to them including school. Most of them just want to be rappers and represent the squad. Also this is the city that doesn’t want you to bear arms on public grounds please. The police aren’t serving and protecting up here. I am truly for conceal and carry. One more note, watch yourselves when a group of these kids pass you slowly just because they pass you by don’t mean it’s all good. Don’t turn your back to them.

Now I got to learn how to hold things with my left hand again and of course it’s the one I write with and eat with, all because someone wanted something of mine, my camera, instead of working to get it themselves. I make my living with my camera.  This is my job, my business, my life.

I hate gangs and have always hated them, simply because they have no purpose but to tear up and destroy neighborhood. Some police aren’t any better in my opinion, no offense to the hard working honest men and women on the force, but that percentage that doesn’t care makes it hard for all of you.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this story. Oh Yes there’s more.



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