Joshua Morris
A Victim of His Own Mental Health…

JoshuaMy grandson is 26 years old, now unemployed, and a father of 4. His wife is unemployed, and they are struggling to stay afloat. I’m sure you have heard these hard life stories before but I would truly appreciate any financial help anyone can rendered to keep him home with his family. Joshua needs treatment not prison, he needs to be in the home so he can help to raise his own children. I know that both he and his wife need therapy, and now that he is in this situation, he is finally admitting that they both should be in counseling.

Since 3rd grade, Joshua has been classified as an ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) student. He has been in and out of hospitals for mental health throughout his adult life. He has bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. He has been a patient and hospitalized at Tinley Park Mental Health Center, Madden Mental Health Center, Jackson Park Hospital Mental Health Hospital, Loyola Hospital, and probably some other mental health facilities as well. He stole a motor vehicle, and removed the catalytic converter. He committed the crime for money. The court needs to know that Joshua needs therapy not prison.

I asked that his public defender subpoena his school and hospital records to substantiate his mental health background but she did not because she did not feel that his mental health condition would be a good defense for his case. I do not want my grandson to be another young adult African American male to fall through the cracks in the judicial system because all the facts regarding his childhood history have not been presented or considered. Send some money Joshua needs your help…

Many of our families have young people in trouble with the law? Most of them have done something stupid and now the law says pay or go to prison. People donated thousands of dollars to finance George Zimmerman’s legal defense fund when he shoot Travon Martin. My grandson is going to court on Wednesday and he needs $2,500 to pay restoration for stealing a car, and the catalytic converter. Will any of you donate toward his defense? He did not kill anyone but the court will give him 3-7 years in a prison if he cannot come up with the $2,500 restoration fee. Help me keep this young man out of the prison system; if enough of us donate a couple of dollars towards this fee he can work and pay the money back. The family will require him to work 10 hours a week for the duration of his probation period for a nonprofit until he pays the fee back. Let’s keep our youth out of jail. Let’s teach them how to earn money legally so they can feed their families too.  Send your donation support to his GoFundMe email at Thanks for caring and helping…

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Save My Grandson, Joshua Morris

Wanda Carter, Grandmother


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