girl shot
Endia Martin

Submitted by: Marla Thompson

         Day after day, are losing more African American youth.  What’s going on in this world today with all this killing of our young children. Like those two girls one is dead and the other one is gone to jail for the rest of her life. Their argument began in social media over something trivial, a boy. I wonder if the girl is thinking about what she has done to her life. She shot Endia Martin with a.38 caliber revolver in her back while she was walking home from school. The gun was stolen from a car on April 14, 2014 and was brought to the scene by the shooters uncle to kill Endia.

               Investigators said that Endia was shot Monday afternoon as she walked home from Tilden Career Community Academy. Endia’s stepfather, Kent Kennedy, said Endia and her alleged killer had been fighting on Facebook. The alleged killer, who is also 14, was charged as a juvenile with homicide on Tuesday. The alleged shootersgirl shooting1 uncle who is a 24 year old wheelchair victim of a gun violence 4 years, and another teenager, a 17-year-old boy, have also been charged in connection with the killing. The uncle hid the gun on his person until he gave it to the shooter. The alleged shooter attends John Hope High School. She went to Tilden Career Community Academy where Endia Martin attended school and shot her. Endia was pronounced dead at Comer Children Hospital.


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