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Brain photoMusic composer Ghalib Ghallab came home to Chicago to not only perform for audiences, but he was also in the process of completing his 12th album called ‘Evolving.’ Ghallab also took time to reminisce about his illustrious musical career; which began at the age of three, when he was put on the piano by his mother and father, who also inspired him to become a musician.

Ghalib has been performing for more than 30 yearsprofessionally; during his 30 years in the entertainment industry, he has become one of the most respected, and sought musicians in Chicago and Las Vegas. Because Ghalib has a unique way of being able to not only enthrall an audience as a stylish keyboard player, composer and vocalist; Ghalib also has a way of entertaining people during his concerts; Ghalib also has an uncanny ability to give his audiences peace while he’s performing on stage.

The great Ghalib Ghallab, a native Chicagoan

Ghalib’s plays an array of sounds whether it’s simmering Latin-Sambas, Strident-Modern-Funk, to classicalTrio-Format-Jazz, and Rollicking-Roadhouse-Blues. As unique of a performer as Gahlib is, he is also very modest and humble, because he just calls it “Ghallab music.”

During the late 1980’s Ghalib performed with Angela Bofill at Chicago Fest; which Ghalib remembers as the best performance of his career. Ghalib has had the pleasure of performing with musical icon Al Jerreau. Another musical icon Ghalib had the pleasure of getting to know, Chicago-native, the late-great-Lou Rawls. Lastly, Ghalib would advise an aspiring artist to learn about the field of Art. Not just the “commercial aspect” of the Art field, but the entire business.

Ghalib is a personal friend of Attorney Willis Brown and made it a special point of visiting Attorney Brown to enable a reporter from the Chicago Standard and Chicago Communicator News Media newspapers to interview him. He was also a guest on the “Can We Talk” radio show which can be heard on www.Intune.TV. Host Dianne Baskin interviewed Ghalib as he honored all of us with his very elegant portrayal of his musical journey over the past 30 years.

L-R Wanda Carter, Attorney Willis Brown, Dianne Baskin, Doris Williams, and the Great Ghalib Ghallab in the rear.





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