Submitted by Zenobia


My Dear FB Tribe, I’m watching a thought provoking movie “Whores Glory”. Please check into it?

These truths I’ve known for many, years. Some of my sisters are religious wearers of other women’s hair. I often wonder do they know how these BEAUTIFUL women, who grow beautiful long hair out of their own scalps and have the most incredible eyes are treated everyday of their lives, from the time they ar…e children.

The wisdom that comes from these women (my sisters) is staggering and clear.  They can see into the souls of men, rich, poor, well mannered or ill mannered. Movie, “Born into Brothels” is another look into the subject (sex for sale). The so called lost and found nation now called African Americans are portrayed as the scourge of the earth. If you look into the global situation of greed and poverty, one will see the truth.

We are no worse or better than our indigenous counter-parts the world over. Females, young and beautiful virgins are worshipped, hated and expected to heal all in the same breath.

Why? Its the power we carry in our . We have the power to give life, bear children, bleed, heal and destroy in one movement; stopping a man in his tracks in one glance like in “Geisha”.

What would happen to the planet if the Yoni shut down for a time? What is the difference in the whore and the holy mother? Are they two sides of the same? My guess is that GOD loves both as ONE. I do too. Do you?

I have a deep respect and kinship to these women. And, I am glad I got out of the neighborhood, lived to make it home and know…I found GOD in myself and I love HER fiercely. Beauty’s Only Skin Deep. Ugly is to the bone.


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