Attn. Emergency appeal: This is Dr. Maat calling on behalf of BNICEH and IMPRUVE. We need to sell 220 more Carson Books at $5 each to reach our goal by Community Days Feb. 23-25, and raise initial fund raising fees for BNICEH 25TH ANNIVERSARY.

Spring Wellness Fair to be held April 8. Cecelia Jackson 773-554-9488 and Jeanette Exom 773-703-8412 also need help at Ford City Carson’s to sell the books. Some of our volunteers are ill. Cece is having trouble getting SCR Pace transportation to pick her up at times needed to work. Will you help us?

There are coupons for $400 in savings in the books. The books include a coupon for $10 off any item of $10 or more. I am calling on y friends, associates, those who have benefited from our volunteer services individually and as an organization. Be Nicer to BNICEH and help is to continue our work to improve paratransit and continue to work with and stand up for worker rights, disability rights, and human services with compassion with The Alliance for Community Services , ADAPT, Chicago Urban Art Institute, AFSCME, SEIU and ISPC. Thank you. P.S. Chk out temp jobs, volunteer positions at


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