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Dark days ahead for Lebanon as confluence of crises bites

Reprint from Tuesday Morning AP Wire 

Lebanon Blast Aftermath

An economic meltdown, mass protests, financial collapse, a virus outbreak and a cataclysmic explosion that virtually wiped out the country’s main port, killed scores and upended the lives of thousands more. The past year has been nothing short of an earthquake for tiny Lebanon, with turmoil and deep uncertainty governing daily lives.

Yet Lebanese fear even darker days are ahead, writes AP News Director for Lebanon, Syria and Iraq Zeina Karam in this analysis from Beirut.

The country’s foreign reserves are drying up, the local currency is expected to spiral further out of control, and spontaneous incidents of armed clashes between rival groups are escalating. With no government and no near prospects for an IMF bailout, the country risks slipping into chaos as frustrations reach boiling point.

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