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Ebony Tillman PRDec 23, 2021·2 min read

Submitted by Rev. Dr. Jill Jackson

Founder and President of Martin Luther King Republicans

Jimmy Lee Tillman II, the founder and president of the Martin Luther King Republicans sent Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot a letter asking her to reconsider the unconstitutional attack on the unvaxxed and offer an alternative remedy.

Tillman referenced the 1st Amendment, which protects the freedom of religion, the 14th Amendment, which guarantees religious civil rights and equal protection under the laws, and Title III in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Citing scientific advancements, including Pfizer’s recent authorization of a Covid pill, as reasons to offer alternatives to those who are not vaccinated. He suggested the City purchase rapid Covid tests to be provided to businesses that will be affected.

In the December 23rd letter sent to Mayor Lightfoot, Tillman writes:

“The heavy-handed tactic of making it inconvenient for the unvaccinated is mean-spirited and unconstitutional. It violates the rights of Chicago citizens with sincerely held religious beliefs, medical conditions, or disabilities who do not have proof of vaccinations. These draconian mandates ignore science and common sense.”

Since the onset of the pandemic, there has been significant development of ways to treat this illness. There are therapeutics, natural immunity, and the latest news of a Covid pill. A more sensible approach would be to offer businesses free rapid Covid tests for their patrons. Providing alternatives for the unvaccinated would be encouraging and set Chicago apart as a city that respects the Constitutional Rights of its citizenry.”

“The government must always abide by the highest law of the land, our Constitution” Tillman remarked, “as citizens it is our duty to speak up at any attempt to infringe upon our rights, no matter the intention.”

“I am sure this was an oversight, as the mayor has sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution, and that the City would consider ways to remedy this issue.”


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