Author Perto Herrera reaches out to victims of abuse in ‘The Invincible Flying Eagle’

rape 1HOUSTON – Perto Herrera has been a victim of repeated child rape and molestation, and other forms of violent sexual, physical and emotional abuse. He suffered for over five years and from 11 different adults – nine men and two women. He thought there was no hope for him, until an unexpected saving grace in an unusual circumstance rescued him from his most dangerous abuser. He was eventually led toward a safer place with a new lease on life. Now, he bares his soul in his evocative autobiography, titled “The Invincible Flying Eagle.”

“I am just complying with a commended mission. The purpose of writing this book is to help others who have had similar experiences – people who were sexually molested and abused, emotionally abused, neglected, manipulated, exploited, threatened, extortion, and/or bullied,” says Herrera. “I am here for them…no matter what people do to us, we should not use revenge to get even. We must forgive, in order to be happy with ourselves; and we must see something good in everything we see.”

Herrera’s ordeal began in San Miguelito, an under-educated small insular village inrape photos Chalantenango, El Salvador. When he told his mother of the abuse, she did not believe him. Instead, she slapped him in the face, called him a liar and an uneducated, annoying boy. On that very moment, young Perto knew he was on his own, and in order to survive, he would have to believe in his own existence and in his faith in Jesus Christ. He learned to be brave, strong and independent at the innocent age of seven years old.

Herrera understands that men rarely come out into the open and talk about sexual abuse and molestation. Men are afraid of being judged as gays or blamed for the sexual abuse, because of the bias that these normally happen just to women, not to men. The sexual abuse frustrated Herrera, confused him, caused self-repugnance, and made him struggle with his own sexuality. However, these never stopped him from publishing his real life story of tragedy and eventual triumph over abuse to reach out to others in similar situations.

Raw and real, bold and daring, “The Invincible Flying Eagle” is a powerful true story that offers a strong example of survival through faith. Readers will feel drawn to the story as they will feel the pain, frustration and anguish a helpless young boy endured. Here, Herrera helps others find inspiration and encouragement one day at a time by sharing how he has overcome years of childhood sexual abuse through forgiveness instead of revenge. He helps others see that despite life’s cruelties, there is always hope for happiness, acceptance and peace.

For more information on this book, interested parties may log on  Perto Herrera was born into poverty in San Miguelito, Chalatenango, El Salvador, a small insular village. He experienced firsthand the difficulties of not having food on the table, being abused, recovering from abuse while trying to make ends meet, and striving toward these pinnacles of personal recovery.

He is particularly committed to serve survivors or needing ones situated in small villages and/or undereducated communities where talking about sex and sexual abuse is still especially taboo. He pledges to use 75 percent of his royalties from the sale of the book directly for anybody in need of food/groceries, medicines, etc., and to provide education training to parents, teachers, educators, etc. to prevent and protect children from abuse. He encourages reporters to approach him if they need help with issues related to human rights, especially abuse.


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