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Progressive Impact

We demand you immediately fire and charge the officer who shot and killed Jordan Edwards. Administrative leave is not enough.

Racially-motivated police violence has no place in law enforcement and represents the systemic police abuse against Black communities across the country.

Your department must act swiftly and rigorously to investigate, prosecute, and hold the officers involved in Jordan’s death accountable. Jordan’s family deserves this justice now.

Progressive Impact


Posted By: Progressive Impact (campaign leader)

15-year-old high school freshman, Jordan Edwards was shot and killed by police in a Dallas-area suburb over the weekend. Jordan is the youngest of the more than 330 people who have been shot and killed by police in 2017.
Jordan and his friends were leaving a party when police officers responded to a call about some unruly teenagers in the neighborhood. One of the officers opened fire on Jordan’s car, shooting and killing the 15-year-old honor roll high school freshman.
On Sunday, Balch Springs Police Chief, Jonathan Haber, tried to justify the killing and claimed the car was backing down the road “in an aggressive manner” towards the officers. But by Monday afternoon, after reviewing police dash-cam footage, Chief Haber revealed the car was actually driving away from the officers. He concluded the shooting did not meet his police department’s core values.
We cannot allow police to continue to kill with impunity. The officer who shot and killed Jordan is still employed and, on paid administrative leave. Jordan’s family is demanding that the officer who shot and killed Jordan be fired and criminally charged.
Enough is enough. Will you join the call to end police brutality and sign this petition?


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